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Now on sale: Choice architect & Nudges

supermarket-aisle-grocery-store-shopping-cart-Favim.com-475341When you walk into the grocery store, everything seems to have a place. Think about the shelves or bins where you grab your groceries from? What do they look like? Where are they placed? Do you notice the colours of the labels and packaging?

If you think about it end caps usually have special items, often at a discounted price. New products always seem to be at eye level in order to grab our attention. And of course, candy always seems to be on the lower shelves for the little ones.

This isn’t by accident. 

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There’s an app for that: Creating Your Own App

conduitIn a 2011 article in The Guardian, they reported that half of the UK population were smartphone users. There’s not doubt that this number has gone up as more and more smartphones saturate the market.

What’s the allure of a smartphone? Google CEO Eric Schmidt says, “Phones are so much more personal and satisfying.The phone is no longer just a phone, it’s your alter ego–it’s fundamental to everything you do.” In one device that responds to the touch of our hands, we have the capability to call, text, check emails, post a Facebook status, take a picture and use a multitude of apps.

If you’re like me, you have pages of apps on your phone that you never even use, but the ones I do use are highly important to me.

More often, businesses and organisations are making apps, not only for them, but for campaigns as well. While apps may seem complicated, they can be very easy to make. Of course these are basic versions, but can be starting points for app creation.

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R.I.P. press release?: Tips for a Winning Press Release

110214immediate296A press release is a staple of any public relations work. However, no matter how important press releases are to us an astounding number of them are never read. There are a number of reasons why this happens; a press release is unclear, journalist receive to many to read in a day, and most recently the rise of social media.

According to one PR practitioner, journalists are skeptical about PR-generated press releases because they may be bias. However, she feels it’s worth it to keep writing them as long as you have a good grasp of what is newsworthy and what isn’t coupled with knowing your target audience and journalists.

The CIPR put out a skills guide on writing a solid media story. Their clever acronym RUTH helps PR practitioners make sure that their press release gets read.

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Going to war: PR and Spin

aban1396lThe cliché goes ‘actions speak louder than words’. But is this the same in times of war?

War and PR have an interesting history with each other in that some of the earliest forms of PR came about during WWII in the form of propaganda. However, at that time it had less of a negative connotation. Propaganda then were leaflets, articles and posters aimed at drumming up national support for wartime efforts. Modern day propaganda is seen as manipulative and bias information that serves to persuade people to think or act in a certain way.

In arguing whether wars are spun and not won, some thought-provoking arguments came about.

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Awareness, Accesss and Subconscious Bias: Lack of Diversity in PR

From the CIPR’s report on student perspectives of the profession, we learn that awareness of PR is very low. Only 9% of BAME students said they would consider a career in PR. Other students (37%) stated they wanted a career in an established, well-respected field such as science, medicine, banking or law. Another interesting statistic is that 80% BAME students are likely to be influenced by their family on career choices.

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‘Public’ Relations or just Relations?: Social Media & PR

Our Contemporary Theories and Issues class recently had a debate on whether or not we felt social media put the ‘public’ back into public relations.

It’s an interesting concept. Social media and web 2.0 now provides everyone with the power to connect on a different and more intimate level than previously seen before. This emergence lets us engage what Dozier, Grunig & Grunig call the two-way symmetrical model of communication, characterised for its use of communication to negotiate with publics, resolve conflict, and promote mutual understanding and respect between the organization and its public(s).


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Six Seconds of Fame: Using Vine for PR

Vine has been out for about two weeks now and no doubt you’ve heard about it. (Hopefully not just for its scandalous beginnings.)

I admit I didn’t quite understand what Vine was all about until I watched their introduction video. You’re allowed six seconds of filming time and you have the power to start and stop filming by pressing a finger down on your smartphone screen.

Filming six seconds of video seemed like just a Twitter gimmick to me. However, I was surprised by the creativity that people have put in their videos, creating stop-motion adventures and scenes of childhood sweethearts.

But what does this mean for PR?

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Give a Little to Get a Lot: User-Created Content

About a week ago, I received this tube of public relations in the mail.


So, it’s not actually a tube of public relations, but this is a prime example of a growing trend in fashion/beauty PR companies.

I received this free tube of mascara from Rimmel that’s not even available to the public yet. What’s the catch? Nothing, except that if I wanted to create a YouTube video or blog post about my experience using the product for a chance to be featured in future Rimmel promotions with the added bonus that they’ll send me even more free products.

So I get a free tube of mascara and if I tell people what I think about it I’ll get more products AND be in Rimmel’s promotional material? Sounds pretty good for only having sent them the address of where I wanted my mascara sent to.

What people who receive free products don’t realise is that they are actually becoming ‘workers’ for the sponsoring company– specifically as content creators.

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‘Consumption’: The Dirty Word

In our Consumer PR class, we touched on how ‘consumption’ has morphed into a word that PR practitioners are starting to shy away from.

Up until that point, I hadn’t really thought of consumption in a negative way. Of course we’ve all heard in the news how our current energy consumption habits are leading to the depletion of the world’s natural resources, consumption of anything other than organic foods seem to be taboo, and we seem to be consuming anything that we see on TV (No matter how warm that new Snuggie is, it’s still consumption).

In the PR Week article ‘Consumption assumptions’ by Richard Millar, chief executive of Hill & Knowlton UK, he says, ‘All around them, critics saw the ‘fruits’ of this irresponsibility: increases in taxes, reduction in public-sector spending, falling house prices, climate change – it seemed that almost all the world’s ills could be blamed on consumers and their dirty habits.’

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