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Monitor Your Social Media: Free Online Tools

Social media monitoring may sound fun because you get to be on Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media sites all day, but it’s much more rigorous than you would think.

I spent the last three weeks following Tottenham Hotspur FC on all of their social media channels. I figured it would be best to follow something that I would already be interested in so as not to burn out during the monitoring.

During those three weeks I counted thousands (yes, thousands) of tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and Instagram photos, plus all of their comments, likes, shares, retweets, favourites, and even dislikes.

Through the sea of data I collected for myself, I learned a lot about Tottenham’s social media, things that aren’t as apparent just by looking at them. Facebook is better for sharing pictures, while Twitter is great for minute-by-minute match updates, and fans can’t get enough of videos and Instagram photos, which seemed to become more popular in the last three weeks.

Well, maybe you would notice that from just looking at their social media, but what about sentiment, engagement, the best time to tweet, reach, exposure, or even tweet density?

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For or against?: Lobbying in PR

BellPottIndy-228x300In our ‘Contemporary Theories and Issues in PR’ module, we recently had a debate with this prompt: Lobbyists further the interests of powerful elites and imbalance the democratic process – the lobbying industry should be banned.

Initially I thought to myself lobbying is just like any other form of public relations. Lobbying tries to influence the public on a point or issue just like other PR sectors.

However, when I started researching lobbying, I changed my mind.

In the 2012 European Communications Monitor, lobbying, public affairs and governmental relations had the most trouble with ethical issues. According to the 2,137 public relations practitioners that were surveyed, 66.7% of them said they faced ethical issues once to several times in their workplace.

What more unethical of a workplace dilemma than that of the Bell Pottinger ‘dark arts’ scandal that took place in December of 2011.

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Football on Pinterest: Grow Your SEO

In my ‘PR and New Media’ module we’re currently working on a social media monitoring project. I’ve been feverishly tracking Tottenham Hotspur FC on all of their social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Pinterest? For football?

My experience with Pinterest has only ever included looking up recipes, laughing at memes and piecing together my imaginary wardrobe. Just from using the platform, it seems geared more towards women based on the content and according to Econsultancy I was correct.


Copyright: Econsultancy

Through Econsultancy’s research, they also identified that while Pinterest is ranked number three in the social media world with a staggering 12 million users in the US, there are only 200,000 users in the UK.

So how does a predominately female platform connect with a predominately male sport? The answer lies in the knowledge of your audience and the platform.

Even though most Pinterest users are women, UK Pinterest users are majority male.

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