There’s an app for that: Creating Your Own App

conduitIn a 2011 article in The Guardian, they reported that half of the UK population were smartphone users. There’s not doubt that this number has gone up as more and more smartphones saturate the market.

What’s the allure of a smartphone? Google CEO Eric Schmidt says, “Phones are so much more personal and satisfying.The phone is no longer just a phone, it’s your alter ego–it’s fundamental to everything you do.” In one device that responds to the touch of our hands, we have the capability to call, text, check emails, post a Facebook status, take a picture and use a multitude of apps.

If you’re like me, you have pages of apps on your phone that you never even use, but the ones I do use are highly important to me.

More often, businesses and organisations are making apps, not only for them, but for campaigns as well. While apps may seem complicated, they can be very easy to make. Of course these are basic versions, but can be starting points for app creation.

enterUsing the website Conduit Mobile, press the ‘Create App’ button located on the homepage. From there you’ll be prompted to enter a website or Facebook for the app that you want to create. Conduit will extract information from the page that you give them which will automatically be loaded to your app. If you don’t have a website, don’t worry. You still have all of the same design options.

optionsFrom there, you’ll be shown the design screen. You have the option to add pages such as Facebook, Twitter, photo albums, contact information and even custom pages. Most of the content can be extracted from other sites (i.e enter a Twitter handle and the tweets appear on the preview screen).

twitteredIf you click on the ‘Style’ and ‘Info’ tabs, you will be able to edit the style of the app including the title, colours, layout, icon and the splash screen. The picture to the left is a mock-up of the app I made using my blog and Twitter account.

The opportunities that this app creator gives you are a great way to practise visualising what an app for your organisation can look like and provides you with a valuable PR skill. The intuitive interface is user-friendly and will push you to be creative in an entirely new way.

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3 thoughts on “There’s an app for that: Creating Your Own App

  1. Ronnie says:

    Highly informative. I didn’t know it could be This easy!

    • Brett Ashley Bridges says:

      Definitely give it a try. It would be great for your business and getting yourself more exposure. Thanks for reading!

  2. GeraldSuert says:

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