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Social media monitoring may sound fun because you get to be on Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media sites all day, but it’s much more rigorous than you would think.

I spent the last three weeks following Tottenham Hotspur FC on all of their social media channels. I figured it would be best to follow something that I would already be interested in so as not to burn out during the monitoring.

During those three weeks I counted thousands (yes, thousands) of tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and Instagram photos, plus all of their comments, likes, shares, retweets, favourites, and even dislikes.

Through the sea of data I collected for myself, I learned a lot about Tottenham’s social media, things that aren’t as apparent just by looking at them. Facebook is better for sharing pictures, while Twitter is great for minute-by-minute match updates, and fans can’t get enough of videos and Instagram photos, which seemed to become more popular in the last three weeks.

Well, maybe you would notice that from just looking at their social media, but what about sentiment, engagement, the best time to tweet, reach, exposure, or even tweet density?

Don’t worry- you don’t have to figure this all out by hand. There are plenty of software programmes out there that can help you figure this out, but if you’re a novice social media monitor, here are some really useful (and FREE) tools you can use on the Internet:   

social mentionSocial Mention– Great for getting an overview of the social media landscape. You can search by keyword, Twitter handle, etc to see what people are saying about whatever you search. Social Mention even provides you with stats like strength, sentiment, passion , and reach as well as a breakdown of mentions, unique authors and top sources for your search. Tip: If you hover over a monitoring term you don’t understand, Social Mention will provide you with a definition.

tweet feelTweet Feel– Useful for getting real-time sentiment on tweets about a subject. You can use keywords to see what people feel about it. Tweet feel breaks down positive versus negative and gives you a sentiment percentage. Warning: Tweet Feel doesn’t filter out profanity and doesn’t account for sarcasm.

addictAddictomatic– Similar to Social Mention. Addictomatic allow you to search for a keyword or Twitter handle and select which social media sites you want data collected from. This is a lot like social mention, only there are no stats available about the data collected.

social bladeSocial Blade– Designed to collect data for YouTube. This monitoring tool is like gold because it calculates how much revenue is generated from each YouTube video. The estimate is an algorithm Social Blade came up with, but it can definitely be helpful if you’re looking to see what will bring in the money. They also calculate total views and subscriptions by date and provide you with interactive graphs based off of the YouTube stats.

tweetTweet Stats– 
This is by far one of my favourite tools. Tweet Stats takes data from Twitter to provide you with swanky interactive graphs that tell you about total tweets, tweet density, retweets, and aggregate tweets. The graphs are helpful for visualising data and comparing it to others. Tip: You can even have a keyword or hastag cloud created.

These are just a few tools that I used to make sense of the data that I collected. There are plenty more out there, you just have to do some searching.

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